W – Work on your Energy

Work on Your Energy:

In January this year, we were recruiting for a particular open position and had just finished chatting with a very bubbly candidate that gave us very positive vibes and we were a still very high in the energy she left behind…… then the next candidate walked in, sat down, we introduced ourselves and dived right into the conversation.

U – Understand Your Career Goals

Understanding Your Career Goals:

Remember the proverb “if you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything? That’s literally what not having career goals means.

Your career goals will determine your trajectory/path because they are the things, positions, situations and environments related to the professional life that you desire to achieve and they can be both short term and long term.

A – Articulate your skills

Articulate your Skills:

Last week we talked about crafting your story and in order for you to do that correctly, you must understand the skills that you have.

Below are 2 of the many questions I always ask my coaching clients regarding this particular topic during our sessions :

C – Craft your story

Craft your Story:

The opening question for most recruiters is “Tell us about yourself” I was in an interview panel some good years ago when a candidate interviewing for an Engineering role was asked to tell us about himself…… he started off with… my name is ABCD, a graduate of EFGH, I’m married with 4 Children, I live in Benin City and have worked for IJKL company for 5 years.

Career advancement and development

A few weeks ago during the Employability Fitness Program by @yewandejinadu, as part of the volunteer panelists, I had mock interviews with some participants and had the following feedback for each of them that I thought to share with you as well because there’s a lesson here for us all.

B-R-A-C-E yourself (E – Educate yourself)

E – Educate Yourself:

This is not an option; I addressed this extensively in Chapter 2 of my book What’s Next? Career Advancement Strategies for Young Professionals.

You must take personal development seriously…….

B-R-A-C-E yourself (C – Consistency)

C – Consistency:
You must be consistent in delivering excellent work.

Flashes of brilliance cannot distinguish you from the lot because that is exactly what the regular person brings to the table.

B-R-A-C-E yourself (A – Authenticity)

A – Authenticity:
Be original. Stay true to yourself. A quote I love so much says, ‘Be yourself; every other person is taken’.
There is a peculiar thing about you that the world needs. I call it your super-power. Flaunt it; let people know you for that.

No matter how inconsequential it may seem, the right people will value it.

B-R-A-C-E yourself (B – Believe in yourself)

B – Believe in yourself:
No one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. It’s not rocket science! Believing in yourself means working on your self-esteem and confidence to achieve optimum result.