Chinwe Onuchukwu

Chinwe Onuchukwu is a Transformational Leader, Certified HR Professional, Career Coach and Personal Development Advocate

I have a HR Generalist background however my core competencies cut across Talent Management, Employee Engagement Strategy, Career Development, HR Strategy and Transformation.

I run a career development platform on Instagram (Career Development by Chinwe) where I coach and advocate for Career and Personal Development. Through my coaching platforms and programme – Candid with Young Professionals, I am focused on providing young professionals with the skills and strategies to identify purposeful career paths and thrive in their careers.


I hold an M.Sc in Public Administration, I am a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHRi) from the renowned HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute) and an Associate of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (ACIPM)


Very insightful! From parenting to identifying our passion, turning that passion to a money making ventures etc. God is the center of it all, we can run, procrastinate, but can't hide from our calling. Well-done Kemi, this is brilliant

Anonymous Career Development

I just finished this hour session with Kemi! My goodness, in my 22 years of living i have never heard the concept of " working in your dream while you are helping another person build theirs it got me hooked"

Anonymous Career Development

Thank you so much ma. i was really inspired, God will continue to bless you.

Anonymous Recruitment

    Vision, Mission & Core Values

    My Vision: Is to ensure that every Young Professional is able to find meaning, satisfaction and fulfilment in the work that they have chosen to do.

    My Mission: Is to help them find their career path and guide them on how to develop and achieve their career goals.

    we must be intentional in the steps and decisions we make towards our career and personal development

    it is critical that we stay true to who we are in order to achieve our desired goals

    we must consistently strive for excellence in everything we do

    staying accountable to our career and personal development is critical to our overall success

    we must respect and value ourselves enough. be willing to take the right steps and actions in achieving our career and personal goals