My Growth Model (W – Willingness to do the Work)

Yes; you must be willing to do the work that is required to move you forward in your career. Last week we learned about taking ownership of our careers and this requires a lot of work. Forget about the mistakes you’ve made in the past just take the lessons, and focus on becoming better. Like […]

My G-r-o-w-t-h Model (O – Own Your Journey )

O – Own Your Journey Now that you have repositioned yourself strategically, it’s time to take ownership of your career journey. Know that no one would drive your career better than you can, your career is your business and you are the CEO required to make all the decisions required to move it forward. Draw […]

My G-r-o-w-t-h Model (R – Reposition Yourself Strategically)

R – Reposition Yourself Strategically Oftentimes on our career journeys, we realize that we’ve made some kind of mistakes or taken a part that didn’t favor us and we’ve probably lost credibility along the line.   The best option is always to strategically reposition yourself for value, before you proceed you must understand how your […]

My G-r-o-w-t-h Model (G – Give Value Always)

This week we kick off with the letter G: – Give Value Always. Giving value at work goes beyond just doing your “job”, you must understand the vision, mission, strategy and core values of your organization to be able to partner with them for continued growth and sustainability. How do you consistently ensure you give […]

My Random Thoughts – Toxic Work Culture

We all know that recently Twitter has been buzzing as a number of people have been naming and shaming #Toxic Workplaces. Most of us at some point in our careers have experienced a toxic work environment and trust me it’s not the best place to do good work and thrive. Some of these “toxic” organizations […]

My Random Thoughts – The New World of Work

In 2020 we were all launched into the new world of work unannounced, most people saw it coming and some didn’t. In that same year I read that 85% of the jobs that would be available in 2030 currently do not exist. This means that only 15% of the future jobs exists as of today […]

Thinking of starting up a business?

It’s time for another give away, just because I’m excited and interested in your journey..I know thee pandemic and lockdown undoubtedly unleashed many talents and helped a lot of people start up a business..If you’re one of such people that have recently started a small business or in the process of doing so, I’m giving […]

Focus on How Far You’ve Come

Do not be distracted by the fact that we’re in August and basically have 4 months to the end of 2020..Yeah I know you had major goals planned for 2020, I did too however the Pandemic happened and everything changed..Even though I’ve not achieved the major goals I set out to achieve this year, I […]

Give Life to your Ideas!

What’s the point having too many ideas and never birthing any?.You’re probably scared it will fail, then again how do you know it will fail if you don’t give it a try?.Fear is the major reason why a lot of us never attempt to achieve our goals..Fear of the unknown, fear of failure …. fear….. […]